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Introduction Of The Transmission Structure

- Nov 12, 2019 -

Single (CD1), double speed (MD1) wire rope electric hoist is mainly composed of lifting mechanism, operating mechanism, electrical device three parts.The following is your detailed introduction of the transmission structure.

1. Lifting mechanism: the lifting mechanism is driven by the lifting motor through the coupling and through the hollow shaft of the subtracter to drive the drum to rotate, so that the wire rope wound on the drum can drive the lifting hook device up or down.

(1) lifting motor: the lifting motor adopts a tapered rotor motor with large starting torque to adapt to the frequent direct starting in the intermittent work of the product.

(2) reducer: three helical gear deceleration.Gear and shaft are made of alloy structure.And through appropriate heat treatment;The box body and cover are made of less cast iron, good vibration and reliable sealing.

(3) the high-speed coil is made of cast iron or seamless steel tube, which USES spline to transfer power.The shell of the drum machine is made of steel plate welding.The reel device is the reed center part of the electric hoist. The side plate is connected with the operating mechanism, and both ends are connected with the lifting reducer and the motor respectively. The lower part works jointly with the hoisting hook device through the steel wire rope.

(4) hook device: made of special steel chain.The thrust ball bearing is connected with the shell through the hook beam to make the hook run freely.≤5t hook device single pulley type, 10t double pulley type.

2. Operation structure: the electric car, the motor, the reducer and the driven car constitute the operation mechanism. The operation mechanism drives the main machine to move reciprocating through the side plate and reel device.

3. Electrical device: the electrical device of electric hoist is composed of electrical control box, push button switch, limit device and connecting wire.The operating voltage of the push button switch is generally 36V. Press the button correctly according to the direction symbol shown on the push button switch and control the action of the hoist through the suction and disconnect of the relay in the control box.